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About Us

We have been around for a long time, in various incarnations. 

Our lead Producer (George) began and still is a V.I.T. Registered teacher (retired). His passion has always been history and geography.

From public service George moved into private enterprise establishing Melbourne’s first mobile car valet service, (Auto Prestige Valet) in the 1980’s.

The love of teaching never went away. With the arrival of computers, an opportunity arrived by way of training and consulting with schools in the uptake of Digital Technologies. (OzInterBiz)

So, what to do with a retired teacher with digital expertise?


In 2020 he explored the use of GPS activated audio trails. Remote access and constrained media presentation forced a re-think. Video guided Story Trails are the outcome. They are the perfect blend of story-telling and technology.

These are exciting times for regional places. Let us partner up to attract visitors to your places and spaces using a different approach.

Happy trails!

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We are based in Melbourne Victoria Australia

OzInterBiz is a trading name of Auto Prestige Valet P/L ABN: 53 781 384 027 is a domain name owned by OzInterBiz (APV)