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Avoca Town Story Trail

Avoca: So many stories..

Founded by police troopers to maintain law and order in the chaotic Victorian Central Goldfields, Avoca quickly became a center for commerce and tourism.

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Beaufort Story Trail

Beaufort will surprise you.

Vegemite, gold, Queen Victoria, poetry. roses and a Big Garage might not be words that readily come to mind when thinking of Beaufort Victoria.

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Beech Forest Story Trail

Mountain mystique

You can’t imagine a lush rain forest paradise! You just have to experience it. Mystery, misery and enterprise are woven into the fabric of this hamlet in the Otways. Add steam, timber, massacre and a marathon man to complete the mystique. Beech Forest awaits you.

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Colac Story Trail

Who would have thought!.

Meet the King of Colac, feed the ducks or picnic in a botanical wonderland with lake views. Stroll along a Federation street and honour the past. Who is our very own “Forest Gump?” These are questions that intrigue and command your answers!

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