We are guided by you.

Geotourism Pricing & Options

Simple choice

Video guided story trails are a very new concept. Even though we received exciting feedback from our pilot release, we want to ensure that your organisation receives very personal attention to achieve the best possible Story Trails. 

Our goal is to value add to your organisations current marketing, by providing potential visitors a new dimension in visitor engagement.

Pricing and Service Options:

We offer 3 levels of service. Please click your preferred option to see the details.

Our virtual service allows us to produce your Story Trails (max of 10 Interest points)  no matter where you are located.

How it works.

  1. Contact us via our online form.
  2. Select the U Plan We Prep option
  3. We conference via telephone or Skype.
  4. We supply you with our Design Template.
  5. You complete the template.
  6. You provide 2 to 3 photos to match each story point.
  7. You supply additional branding or sponsorship content.
  8. Email us the completed Design template with photos.
  9. We compose a DRAFT Story Trail for your approval.
  10. 50% of fee is payable.
  11. We complete the Post Production.
  12. Final cut is viewable via YouTube.
  13. Balance owing is payable within 7 days
  14. Watermark removed and the finished Story Trail is emailed to you.

Commissioned Video Guided Story Trails.

How it works:

  1. Your organisation meets with our Producer (George) to scope and sequence possible Story Trails.
  2. We will offer additional suggestions based on further research.
  3. Collaborate to agree on Title, theme and story points in the trails.
  4. Discuss inclusion of branding and marketing content if required.
  5. Quote for production of Story Trail.
  6. Narration/script for your approval.
  7. Story Trail draft – and editing
  8. Post production is completed.
  9. You receive the Video Guided Story Trail for addition to your website and social media.

Ambassador  Program and Training.

Ideally engaging your local community in geotourism has added benefits. Ambassadors of local experts would produce a wider variety of Story Trails and, could have expanded roles for promotional and marketing by developing innovative ways to attract and hold visitors to your place or region.

We would:

Train Ambassadors to produce Story Trails. (our Producer, George is a current registered VIT Teacher).

This could be achieved by:

  • Stand alone training at a computer facility.
  • Partnership with a High / Secondary College VET / VCAL Cert. II or III Tourism Course.